Sunday, January 17, 2010

OMG! Free WiFi at McDonald's

I don't know about the rest of you but to me this is great news. I'm a frequent customer at McDonalds and I've always used my laptop with no access to the net. This was not a choice on my part. Each time you'd open up a browser inside McDonald's you'd be taken automatically to a red web page with the golden arches in the corner and words in the middle saying 'you need money to access the web in here bub, click refresh all you want. You'll just end up back here.' well it didn't say exactly that, I'm paraphrasing. Anyways, at that point I'd be thinking ok, I'll buy an hour of internet time. I mean how expensive can it be? well, as it turned out you could only buy internet time at select McDonald's locations(none of the 5 McDonalds' in my town were any of those locations). I'm usually a happy customer but that was one of the few things that pissed me off. So many other places offer free WiFi. Why not McDonald's? I just discovered today at McDonalds(because of a sticker on the door) that they now offer free Wi-Fi. Way to go McDonalds. Now as my first act as a McDonald's Wi-Fi user I'll write this blog post(while inside McDonald's; enjoying breakfast).

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