Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My Switch to Linux Post 1- The Beginning

Yesterday I was fiddling with Windows and somehow made it unbootable. I have no disk to reinstall Windows because none came with my laptop when it was bought. Stuck at that point with a useless laptop I had a decision to make, go out and buy a copy of Windows 7 or download a Linux distribution and install it on my laptop. Besides the fact of me being strapped for cash I was tired of the problems and worry that came with Windows. I was tired of the crashing, the resource hogging, the user limitations, and the worry 'is my computer infected with a virus? How can I be sure?'. I wanted my laptop to just work so I chose Linux.

I've known about Linux for two and a half years now. I've always known about the power of Linux but I never took it seriously and implemented it as the main operating on any of my computers. I used live CD's allot for Windows PC's that wouldn't boot and doing diagnostic work but besides that I never took Linux seriously. Mainly because I was uneasy about jumping into the unfamiliar Linux environment. Linux is safe, stable, and uses a third of the resources of Windows(or less). As long as you don't use your computer to play video games and/or use photo shop Linux is a great way to enhance your lifestyle and satisfy all you computing needs. And I can't forget one of the most important part... it's it's open source! that means it's free to download, free to share, and all the software for Linux is free as well. Free software is easily available for anything you'd want do on the computer.

When it comes to Linux there's many different kinds called distributions. So when it comes to choosing a distribution it comes down to purely preference and hardware limitations of you system. Being familiar with the Linux community for quite some time I was quick to choose the most popular distribution: Ubuntu. Ubuntu has a smooth, attractive, easy to navigate interface that's great for the Linux novice. The installation process took me just 20 minutes. After the install my wireless adapter wasn't functional so I had to hook up to my router via Ethernet and install the updates along with other software. Once that was done I was ready to go. My experience with Ubuntu so far has been enjoyable. I can happily say, even though it is only the beginning, I think I'm to stick with Ubuntu for a long time.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

OMG! Free WiFi at McDonald's

I don't know about the rest of you but to me this is great news. I'm a frequent customer at McDonalds and I've always used my laptop with no access to the net. This was not a choice on my part. Each time you'd open up a browser inside McDonald's you'd be taken automatically to a red web page with the golden arches in the corner and words in the middle saying 'you need money to access the web in here bub, click refresh all you want. You'll just end up back here.' well it didn't say exactly that, I'm paraphrasing. Anyways, at that point I'd be thinking ok, I'll buy an hour of internet time. I mean how expensive can it be? well, as it turned out you could only buy internet time at select McDonald's locations(none of the 5 McDonalds' in my town were any of those locations). I'm usually a happy customer but that was one of the few things that pissed me off. So many other places offer free WiFi. Why not McDonald's? I just discovered today at McDonalds(because of a sticker on the door) that they now offer free Wi-Fi. Way to go McDonalds. Now as my first act as a McDonald's Wi-Fi user I'll write this blog post(while inside McDonald's; enjoying breakfast).

Saturday, January 16, 2010

God, I love newegg

 I gotta show some newegg support on here. I was first introduced to Newegg 2 years ago in a computer building class. From my first purchase I was hooked. The prices were low and the shipping was expedient(every time I ordered from Newegg since then my packages arrive a day or two ahead of time). They're customer service is the thing that's most raved about in reviews. Reader, if you need computer parts go Newegg. "Once you know. You Newegg."

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

WIndows 7, is it worth the upgrade?

After the undeniable public disaster that was Windows Vista. It was hard to conceive anyway if Microsoft making a recovery. But alas there's a light at the end of the tunnel and it's name is Windows 7. could this be Microsoft's saving grace? if it is, is it worth the upgrade from XP, and vista?
The short answer: YES. I upgraded from vista business 32 bit to windows 7 business 64 bit a month ago. Everything is in short, better. It's more secure, it boots faster, uses less resources, and is all round a more effective and satisfying operating system. With windows 7 Microsoft finally stopped worrying about looks that sell and focused on performance.
Besides the overall performance increase in Windows 7 there's little things I've been discovering that's been making my Windows 7 experience more delightful each day. Among the most recent discoveries are easy font installing and no more auto play. I don't know about you but I download fonts all the time and in vista installing fonts was a hassle. Now with windows seven you just download a font, right lick it, and select install from the pop up menu. Bing, Bang, Boom, done.

Now you may be thinking "no auto play? that sucks. I'll have to manually start my programs that are on disk and other removable media!" . I like starting my programs manually from disk and other removable media. it gives me an extra level of control with what goes on on my computer and when. I'm just that kind of guy. I hated when I'd put a disk in the computer then it'd go to work doing something that i didn't want it to do. windows 7 gives more power to the user. If you have Vista or XP or maybe even, god forbid; Windows 98. Upgrade to Windows 7. You'll thank yourself for it.